Letters of Recommendation


Mr. Brent Haines 

Lyford Cay Residence 

To Whom it may concern, 

I’ve known Darren Ginns for over five years. My wife and I used his company, SMG Construction to build our Lyford Cay home some four years ago. Both my wife and myself hold senior management positions with well-known North American banks. We are both involved in the private banking arms of our respective banks and are therefore very much accustomed to the demands and needs of servicing high net worth individuals on a global service standard level. We entered in to the building contract with SMG expecting no less in terms of performance and quality of workmanship from Darren and his team than what we offered our clients. We were not disappointed. Darren and his team offered a level of professionalism and knowledge of product that we had not experienced in the other three homes we’ve built in The Bahamas. Where there were going to be time differences, either favourable or delays, we were informed well in advance of the rational for the difference and then kept informed as new information came in. The punch list, which we had expected to be as extensive if not more so than our last homes as the SMG built home was much larger than our previous houses, came in at under one page, with us being as meticulous as possible. In the two and a half years that we’ve lived in the home we’ve had to call on SMG very few times. Each time they have responded promptly and the modifications we requested have been carried out carefully, with attention to detail and with the least amount of disruption to our lives as humanely possible. 

In short, I would strongly recommend SMG Construction for any high end home to be built in The Bahamas. 


Brent Haines 


Mr. Jeremy Stuby 

"Consider SMG when building in The Bahamas" 

As background information, my wife Vanessa and I met for the first time with Darren from SMG in January 2012, in the construction bidding process. Knowing well the land we were about to build on, Darren constructively challenged our design. After some discussions, we ended up scrapping our initial plan and 6 months of work with our previous architect. SMG put together in 3 months the design and approval for us to break ground in May. We finished the construction and landscaping in end of January 2013 allowing to enter our house the 1st weekend in February, 1 year after we first met with Darren. 

The above description can only tell you that Vanessa and I were extremely pleased with our construction experience with SMG. We appreciated particularly the shorter than expected construction duration - 9 months since breaking ground; resulting from the excellent interaction with the SMG team and their coordination, also allowing us to remain within budget.  

The after construction service and continuity of SMG is also an aspect we value in our experience with them.  

We therefore can only recommend to consider SMG to build your home in the Bahamas. 

Best Regards, 

Jeremy Stuby 


Mark A. Thompson 

Old Fort Bay Custom Home 

To Whom It May Concern 

S.M.G. has completed two (2) custom home projects for me, in Old Fort Bay. This work was "turn-key", and included all aspects of millwork and cabinetry, as well as pool construction. The S.M.G. team has always been professional, on time and on budget. 

In addition to the custom homes, S.M.G. completed a commercial storage facility for me, with the same great results as the custom homes. I am also a part of S.M.G's Investment Group, having participated in four (4) investment home projects with the team. We have been pleased with the results. 


Mark A. Thompson